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At Summit Van Lines your move is more than just a job! We are here to make your moving experience stress-free and smooth. Our service is irrespective of the type of it, equal importance is provided to all our valuable customers and clients. Our movers will provide safe transportation of your belongings, and our stress-free process gives you peace of mind in the moving. Our highly trained employees will bring the wealth of their experience to make your move smooth and safe. We value your time and once you reserve a move with us, we won’t leave you ashore. You do not need to worry about the safety of your move as we hire licensed and insured movers.
Summit Van Lines believes in delivering the best quality service to you and we work relentlessly to ensure the professionalism on all levels. Customer experience is our priority and we will walk an extra mile to ensure that you receive unmatchable moving services. We at Summit Van Lines provide fully loaded modern trucks, equipped with all necessary tools, moving equipment, lift-gates, packing materials, and blankets. We ensure that quality standards are maintained on all levels.
The move is planned by our expertise knowing all the necessary details and required assistance from the customers. So that there won’t be any last-minute hassle. We are there right ready for any assistance right from the planning to the end of your move. We have multiple departments to ensure that every other is step is covered by the experts in the field. We believe in best-trusted service assistance for our customers. We find our pleasure to assist you in every way possible.

This is why Summit Van Lines is one of the best moving companies in Florida.


Moving but don’t want to lift a finger?? Then I have. A simple solution! Hire a professional full service moving company! All you have to do is sit back and delegate, how great is that? Sit back relax have a beer or margarita whatever floats your boat. Make a list check it twice and let them do the rest!

What exactly does full service consist of?? Well, how do I put this… hmm well, they do everything! Hence full-service movers. This includes

So here’s what I can tell you disregard making multiple trips to the store to get boxes upon boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. etc. let the movers handle all of that not the store runs because they come prepared!

Show of hands who likes packing… Hmm no hands I’m not surprised, neither do I. So I don’t blame you. Packing can be tedious am I right? It’s time-consuming and just not something anyone wants to do. However, when hiring a full service moving company they have a team of highly trained packers, funny right? But it takes some skill. No need to worry about the fragile items either, they handle everything with care.

Furniture disassembly. Ok so let’s talk about furniture sometimes you have items to big to go through doorways. Full-service movers disassemble your big items for safe travel from one location to the next. Don’t worry your little head they also will put the furniture back together once at the drop-off.

Truck loading and unloading. Heavy lifting is left to the professionals. once the movers get your home all packed the full service then provides the safe loading of all boxes and furniture onto the truck.

Transporting your belongings. Whether the move is 5 minutes away or 5 hours away, the full-service movers will have a licensed and insured driver transporting all of your belongings from one location to the next.

Unpacking. But wait there’s more! Yes, they also offer to unpack as a service! Awesome right. You delegate they deliver. How wonderful is that! Full-service moves are the way to go!

How much will this all cost? Well, let’s see how many movers will you need? How many hours do you think you’ll need? What size truck is needed? Will the movers be providing a full complete service? Will you provide packing materials or will the movers? What time if there year are you planning the move? There are lots of aspects that need to be addressed when booking with a full service moving company, but hey that’s the luxury of sitting back and relaxing while they provide all those services! So expect to pay a pretty penny but a penny well spent, when all is said and done!

Unpacking. If you’re having your movers unpack for you, make sure you allow the same amount of unpacking time as you allowed packing time.

So how do you find these amazing movers! Do the research check out the reviews and rating take a look at their social media pages. The Internet is a powerful thing. I’ve gotta say that will probably be all the work you’ll put into the move when booking with a full service moving company!

7 informative moving tips

The process of moving is often a tedious and frustrating one, as many objects must be packed away in boxes and organized for transportation while taking care of daily commitments and work. It is common knowledge that the details of moving not something that many people look forward to, often due to the hassle and time required to achieve the desired results.
Here we share some basic tips that will definitely help you :
* Lets start with the most stressful task in the process that is Packing. Pack a certain thing into a perfect container and label it and organize container carefully so if there are any brittle materials it should be marked in advance. Also, group the similar items together such as kitchen utensils should be together. Create a list of things for each box and stick the list on the box this will help you find things easily and you won’t have to open and search all boxes to find a particular item
* Children and pets should be kept away while packing unpacking or loading stuff. Such an arrangement should be made prior so that there is no interference.
* The most important rule is packing heavy items in small boxes whereas lightweight items can be grouped together and kept in a larger box. This will make the boxes easy to carry and never overpack a box. Also, keep separate boxes for different rooms. This will make unboxing easy and consume less time.
* The fragile items should be kept separate from other items and mark the box fragile open with care.
* Make sure that you have enough boxes tapes and materials required to pack and transport.
* The next important thing is to unpack all the important stuff first, such as utensils to prepare food, mattresses to sleep and other regular needed items. The antiques and paintings and such should be unpacked afterward. Take your time unpacking so to organize things right in place from the start
* Procrastination must be avoided. Getting an early start will make the process less stressful and much more streamlined

Make proper planning before moving, the packing of items should be done a day prior to the moving day packing on that say will increase hassle and chances of a mistake or forgetting things will increase.

Understanding Corporate Relocation Services

Understanding Corporate Relocation Services

Relocation is now an integral part of most enormous company organizations as it ensures the international expansion of their company. Summit Van Lines is the market leader in providing affordable, trustworthy relocation products and services so that all businesses have access to the help they will need to take on relocation and make certain that the experiences have a positive effect on the company. Your relocation does not need to cost much either when it regards the services provided by the greatest, Summit Van Lines. Business relocation is just one of our specialties. A corporate relocation typically provides an exciting professional prospect. With your own personal Relocation Manager, you are going to have dedicated professional assisting you throughout your corporate relocation that has any questions or issues that you might encounter on the way.

The more the business really would like you to select the job, or the higher up you may be in the organization, the better your RELO package is inclined to be.  Distinct businesses provide their services at various rates. To have the ability to convince the worker to transfer places, the company provides a package that would observe the employee move with her or his family. The relocation company may handle all the crucial work to prepare an entirely functional office by the time the employee is prepared to occupy it. There are lots of relocation companies around but none of them will handle you with care like Summit Van Lines.

As it just not simply offers packaging services but in addition assists in reducing the time consumed because of relocation. Our fee-based services provide customized tours of the region and rental finding or house purchase help. These days, it’s not hard to get a relocating service in Florida. Such a service provider can help lighten the load of relocation and make certain your company isn’t going to suffer due to the change in location. An efficient company relocation service provider will look after each and every task that is connected to your company shifting.

It’s possible for you to request relocation solutions, or packing too. You would want trustworthy relocation assistance, to assist you to ease the approach. In addition to customized personal attention, our company relocation providers bring tools to make your job simpler. If you don’t attempt to acquire corporate relocation services to aid you with your enterprise move, then it is going to be a worrisome moment. It’s possible for you to acquire full services of an expert to shift your house or office to a single place to another.

Pros and Cons of Corporate Relocation Services and Things


Most people who’ve been through a relocation procedure, particularly from the opposing side of the planet, know how complicated and stressful the predicament of worldwide relocation can be. If so, then to make certain that the relocation procedure becomes carried out hassle-free, you need to avail the help of a dependable relocation company. In order to make sure that it doesn’t become distressing, you can hire the services of a professional packers and movers company. The last step in our company relocation procedure is true employee relocation.


What Everybody Is Saying About Movers

What Everybody Is Saying About Movers.

If you really want to earn relocation completely hassle-free and comfortable then it is best that you have to hire full moving service of Summit Van Lines. Thus, it appears that relocation is not going to only make you tired but also consume your precious moment. Individuals can make their relocation easy by selecting the necessary services.

Everything about Movers.

You will have to present your move date, where you’re moving to, where you’re moving from and how many rooms your residence or apartment is so the movers will understand how big of a truck is required. A move isn’t a task which could be planned and accomplished within as short a time as just weekly. So seek the services of Summit Van Lines, a great mover and create your move easy and smooth. Being organized before the move will not merely lower the strain for those employees, but for the movers also. On the grounds of that, it won’t be hard for you to make your move. Hence, you will definitely require somebody who can assist with your move so as to lower the stress level and produce the situation easy.

If you hire professional movers, then it will likely all be carried out in one day and leave time to unpack any essentials and receive a very good night’s rest in your new residence. The majority of the time people become confused while deciding whether they ought to employ a professional mover or do it yourself, that’s the debate for today. In the event you happen across an expert mover making a sensible quote, the service may not go well as expected. It is essential to have Summit Van Lines.

The movers have to be told exactly where each bit of furniture has to be placed. Moreover, learn in case the regional movers charge by the hour, or should they charge a set fee. Hence, professional movers also supply proper transit service to their customers. Instead, the Summit Van Lines will move everything simultaneously, taking out all the hassles and speeding up the entire procedure. There are several professional movers and packers to select from.

The One Thing to Do for Movers.

Should you need any service just surf on net you will receive many result on your screen, now it’s possible to choose service provider in accordance with your requirements. In order to prevent the strain and tension you are able to employ the expert services of Summit Van Lines. On the flip side, you may also tailor the services to your wants, preferences and budgets, if you’re on a limited budget. In truth, it is wise on your part to get professional services because it’ll greatly relieve you from all sorts of stress or hassle, as a whole. Moving services are also offering the assistance of packing. Not simply they offer you best relocation solutions, but they offer you quite competent price as a result of competition in packers and movers industry. Now you are able to choose the ideal relocation services in Florida.

 What Everybody Is Saying About Movers

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