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June Moving Tips from Summit Van Lines

Moving to a new place is a hectic job. You have to pack up all your stuff carefully and take them out once you get to the new place. A lot of people don’t remember that the new home they’re moving to will require some sort of cleaning before they can settle in. this guide was made to help you take on some essential supplies so you can start cleaning immediately before you put your stuff in your new home. Below is a list of all cleaning essentials that should be ready once you land in the new place.

Disinfectant – the new house will require some cleaning because you have no idea what went on there before you moved in. So carry a disinfectant and use it once before setting up your stuff.

Rubber gloves – you need to make sure that when cleaning, you have to protect your hands. Wear your rubber gloves no matter what you are doing. Take extra pairs with you so the whole family can wear them and contribute. Clean the bathrooms, toilets and the kitchen before you start placing your goods around the place.

Take some clean utensils – when you reach the new home, you will want to cook or heat some stuff. Having clean utensils is a great idea because then you can immediately unpack them and start cooking stuff for the entire family.

Broom, vacuum and mop – before settling down, make sure you thoroughly clean the new rooms. This is ideally done before the furniture comes in. this way you will have access to the entire area to clean. Once the furniture is set up, you won’t be able to clean properly. So before the trucks move in with the large furniture, get down and start mopping, vacuuming the place.

Pack some snacks – throughout the day you will need to replenish your energy levels because moving can be very stressful on your physical and mental strength. Pack some high energy snacks that will instantly give you an energy boost to deal with more work.

Take your clothes – when you reach the new home and when you are done cleaning, you will want to change into new clothes. Have your pajamas and other necessary clothing ready in a transparent bag. Take them out and change immediately so you are clean and comfortable.

Bathroom necessities – never go into the new house without having your bathroom essentials packed and ready. Once you move in, unpack your bathroom necessities and start cleaning yourself. Have soap, body wash and other stuff ready for this.

Get sheets and blankets – the first night is going to be very uncomfortable because most of your favorite bed time stuff won’t be available. Try to pack new bed sheets and blankets for the first night so you can sleep comfortably. Have your pillows in a separate bag ready to go once you are about to sleep.

Last but not the least, do not forget to take your phone chargers with you.

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