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Moving but don’t want to lift a finger?? Then I have. A simple solution! Hire a professional full service moving company! All you have to do is sit back and delegate, how great is that? Sit back relax have a beer or margarita whatever floats your boat. Make a list check it twice and let them do the rest!

What exactly does full service consist of?? Well, how do I put this… hmm well, they do everything! Hence full-service movers. This includes

So here’s what I can tell you disregard making multiple trips to the store to get boxes upon boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. etc. let the movers handle all of that not the store runs because they come prepared!

Show of hands who likes packing… Hmm no hands I’m not surprised, neither do I. So I don’t blame you. Packing can be tedious am I right? It’s time-consuming and just not something anyone wants to do. However, when hiring a full service moving company they have a team of highly trained packers, funny right? But it takes some skill. No need to worry about the fragile items either, they handle everything with care.

Furniture disassembly. Ok so let’s talk about furniture sometimes you have items to big to go through doorways. Full-service movers disassemble your big items for safe travel from one location to the next. Don’t worry your little head they also will put the furniture back together once at the drop-off.

Truck loading and unloading. Heavy lifting is left to the professionals. once the movers get your home all packed the full service then provides the safe loading of all boxes and furniture onto the truck.

Transporting your belongings. Whether the move is 5 minutes away or 5 hours away, the full-service movers will have a licensed and insured driver transporting all of your belongings from one location to the next.

Unpacking. But wait there’s more! Yes, they also offer to unpack as a service! Awesome right. You delegate they deliver. How wonderful is that! Full-service moves are the way to go!

How much will this all cost? Well, let’s see how many movers will you need? How many hours do you think you’ll need? What size truck is needed? Will the movers be providing a full complete service? Will you provide packing materials or will the movers? What time if there year are you planning the move? There are lots of aspects that need to be addressed when booking with a full service moving company, but hey that’s the luxury of sitting back and relaxing while they provide all those services! So expect to pay a pretty penny but a penny well spent, when all is said and done!

Unpacking. If you’re having your movers unpack for you, make sure you allow the same amount of unpacking time as you allowed packing time.

So how do you find these amazing movers! Do the research check out the reviews and rating take a look at their social media pages. The Internet is a powerful thing. I’ve gotta say that will probably be all the work you’ll put into the move when booking with a full service moving company!

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