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Accessorial Service Charges

These are the charges that are applied for sorting, packing, extra pick up, elevator carrying, long carrying and unpacking the accessories. These are added to the transportation charges additionally for the services provided on the landlord’s requisite or by us.

Advanced Charges

These charges are to be paid by the landlord in addition to the lading charges if an expert advice is required for easy moving tips and guide lines.


A local moving company authorized to transact business for a larger, national company. Also acts as origin, booking, hauling and destination agent.

Booking Agent

The booking agent schedules the booking order to reserve the space with the mover.

Hauling Agent

The hauling agent handles the truck provided by the mover for transportation.

Destination Agent

The destination agent delivers services essential at the destination.

Appliance service

The moving company offers services for safe haulage of electrical domestic devices such as refrigerators, driers, washers and dish washers. These service charges are included separately to the billing amount.

Appliance Dolly

The self-service movers deliver these items.

Assessed value Coverage

This coverage declares the cost to be paid per $1000 of assessed value for the coverage of household items to their fully assed value. These charges are to be paid additionally. In case of any deductions, the value is declared next to the cost-per-$1000 figure.

There are even valuation policies that are based on sliding scale where the charges per $1000 of coverage differs based on entire coverage amount. So the movers are said to quote the valuation prices based on $25,000 of coverage.

Lading Bill

This is the receipt provided for the customer for the freight being transported and also acts as an agreement between the moving company and the customer.

Binding/Non-Binding Estimation

Binding: A flat price quotation provided by the mover after performing an onsite estimation.

Non-Binding: Initially the quotation is provided based on movers past experience and the final billing is done on the completion of the work.

Hourly Rates:

These charges are quoted based on hour per man per truck.


This is the mover who is engaged in a contract of transportation.


These are the further details regarding the list of moving companies provided.

Moving Cost

The moving cost is the cost of transportation excluding insurance and additional service charges.

C.O.D (Cash On Delivery)

This is the method of cash payment made by the customer when the mover supplies goods at the destination.

Speed-Up Service

This service is provided by the moving company for speed-up transportation on a set date. This is delivered on customer’s agreement to pay a higher rate in exchange based on higher minimum rate.


This is total cost estimation which is calculated based on binding or non-binding cost, availability of space, freight weight and the accessorial services provided by the mover.

Flight Charge

These charges are levied by the mover additionally for carrying goods up or down flights of stairs.

Flight of Stairs

These are extra charges added to the bill for carrying items up or down flights of stairs and in case of multiple floored house cost is estimated based on each floor one has to move. These charges are not included when elevators are used.

Freight Service

These services include only transporting the items to the destination. This is an economic moving package as the customer incurs low cost where packing the goods with all safety measures is handled by himself.

Full Service Mover

These movers provide professional packing at the origin, transporting the items to the destination on accurate time and unpacking them. These are also extended for full packing and unpacking included with appliance service as an additional charge.

Pick up and Delivery Service

The moving company has to deliver the services on accurate time and has to compensate for delays. In such a case cost subject to minimum weight requirements is charged.

Valuable Articles

The customer is responsible for disclosing the valuable articles that cost more than $100 per pound so that they are packed safely by the mover.


The carrier submits a catalogue to the customer for detailed description about the items packed which has to be checked before signing.

Line-haul Charges

These are additional charges basically charged for long distance coverage which are calculated depending up on weight of freight and mileage.

Long Carry

These are the extra charges levied on the customer for traveling excess distance to pick up the goods from the origin.

Local Moving

The mover charges the customer on hourly basis if the move is less than 100 miles and the price scaling is synchronized by the States DOT (department of Transportation) or by any regulatory body. An example of this is if you were moving from Miami from West Palm Beach.

Long Distance

Intra State : The mover in the same state has to travel more than 100 miles.

Inter State: The mover has to travel from one state to other without any distance limitation and the charges are based on freight weight and distance traveled.

These are called long distance moving.

Loading Ramp

The self-service movers provide loading ramp which is an inclined plane used for loading goods into the truck.

Moving Company

The moving company carries out the entire process of planning, implementing and managing secure move of goods efficiently from the point of origin to destination.

Order Number (Bill of Lading number)

This is a unique number assigned to the consignment for identification.

Service Order

Service order is an approval for the mover to transport the goods.

Peak Season Rates

These are the higher moving charges imposed by the mover that are applicable during summer.

Pick Up and Delivery charges

These are extra charges for moving goods between storehouse and the origin.


Price is cost incurred on moving goods excluding insurance and additional service charges. The other factors that affect the price include flight of stairs, pick up and delivery, long distance and also the special services provided on customer’s requisite.

Packing Service

This is a service provided by a full service mover where in entire packing and unpacking activity is handled efficiently by the moving company itself.

Storage-in-Transit (SIT)

This is a storehouse where the mover stores the household items temporarily. This service is provided on additional charge and is applicable when the new home is not ready to occupy. This method is also applied when the goods reach the destination before the scheduled time. In such a case the mover is responsible for additional charges incurred on using SIT.

Self-Service Mover

These movers are used when only transportation of goods is required and this move is a cost effective technique for the customer. The customer has to handle the packing and unpacking activities under this move.


Truck is provided by the moving company for the customer to load the goods for transportation from origin to destination.


Trailer is provided by the mover for the customer for loading the goods.

Mobile Container

The mover provides a large container to store household items for the customer.


A tariff is a declaration regarding the rates, regulations, classifications, rules and many other provisions provided by the mover for a secure and reliable move.


Valuation is amount of worth the consignment hold. The valuation is covered by Assessed Value Coverage, Full Replacement Coverage and Standard coverage. Valuation is a tariff level of liability that depends upon the freight weight. The mover damaged goods are only covered by this process but not the goods that are damaged due to civil commotion, riots, strikes and the climatic conditions such as tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes and other similar reasons.

These charges compensate the moving company for assuming a higher degree of liability than that was provided for in the basic moving charges.

Warehouse Handling

These excess charges are applicable every time SIT service is utilized. These charges also compensate the moving company for the physical placement and removal of household items within the warehouse.

License Numbers


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