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Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The key to a good move is advance preparation and planning. Get ready for your move by beginning packing at least 2-4 weeks before schedule. Packing one room at a time is the best approach.

The most important things you need to know about packing.

1. Plan and Start Packing head a time:

The more time you give yourself to pack and prepare to-do lists or inventories, the less likely you’ll be in a panic right before the moving trucks arrive.

2. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need:

Do you have items that you really don’t use any more? This is the perfect time to unload them, have a yard sale or donate the things to charity. You’ll feel good about it and it’ll literally lighten your load.

3. Proper Packing Materials:

There are specially made packing boxes for every kind of objects and those boxes should be used as often as possible. Order only proper and quality supplies and packing materials. There are boxes for dishes, fragile items, files, pictures, mirrors, and electronics. There is a box for almost everything.

4. Items You May Pack First:

Best way to start packing is to start with items you don’t use on a regular basis. Pack old files, books, seasonal item, things that are already in storage inside your home.

5. Start in a Least Cluttered Room:

Packing one room at a time is the best approach. Start in a spare bedroom or office and pack all its contents away first. When the room is ready, use it to store packed boxes so they are out of the way and does not interferes with your life.

6. Inventory List and Labeling:

Keep the contents of each room together and clearly label or number coordinate the boxes so they are easily identifiable at the other end of the moving process. Make an inventory list with each box’s content description; it will make your unpacking process very easy.

7. Pack Essentials and Necessary Items:

Don’t forget to pack things you’ll need along the way or immediately upon arrival to your new home. There are certain personal valuables might want to carry with you personally.

8. Restricted Items:

Flammables, explosives and corrosives, ammunition and firearms, fireworks or flares, gasoline, kerosene, motor fuel and lamp oil, oil based paints, thinners and varnishes, lighter or starter fluid, fire extinguishers, nail polish remover, bleach, aerosol cans, and matches can’t be transported.

9. Unmovable Items:

By law, there are some items moving companies are not allowed to move, so be sure you don’t pack them. You may choose to take some of them yourself, while others should be thrown away. Ask your Summit Van Lines moving experts more about those items.

10. Pets Moving:

Many dogs and cats may find car travel extremely distressing. Some may even get car sick. You will have to be ready to make many stops along the way. Long distance moves may required an overnight stop. Remember to call hotels in advance to make sure that they will allow your pet to stay in the hotel.

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